GrowViral — Commercial Rights -What you need to Know!!

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The Ultimate Software For Viral Growth Marketers Who Want To Generate More Traffic, Leads & Sales.

GrowViral commercial right is of no doubt one of the best package among the other Growviral packages. Easy to use, Cheap, and user Friendly etc.

It allows you to grow your list with Viral Sweepstakes, Rewards, Leaderboards and More..

Double, Triple or Quadruple your traffic, lead and sales if you’re an Affiliate marketer, Business owner, Marketers etc.

Viral Grow Marketers Know: It’s easier to turn someone into an advocate for your brand than it is to generate a new subscriber through your own efforts. Viral Growth Marketers focus on turning their subscribers into advocates. And when they are successful. It results in free, highly targeted referral traffic. And they do it using 3 key tools.”

Swap out your old forms for a brand new ‘GrowViral’ ‘sweepstakes form’. This form enrolls subscribers into your list. Then motivates them to share your page. The more a new subscriber shares your page the more entries they get into your sweepstakes.

Motivate subscribers to share your website to unlock rewards. Giveaway coupons, discounts, additional features or training. As your subscribers share your website they unlock milestone rewards.

Create engaging social competitions that motivate subscribers to share your offer. Showcase their name on a publicly viewable leaderboard.


Grow Viral with interactive, engaging ‘ecommerce campaigns’. It’s easy! Offer a discount coupon, freebie, bonus or other incentive to share the products your customers have just purchased.

Giveaway bonuses, run contests that will be announced on the webinar. The more shares a registrant does the better their chance at winning. Leverage excitement within your online events. Motivate your new registrants to share and give them incentives to do so.

Save businesses money while maximizing the amount of customers they generate from ‘free referral traffic’. Help businesses promote their offline events, new product releases and more…

Grow your opt-in list FAST offering incentives to your new subscribers to share your page with their friends.

Build powerful ‘pre-launch’ hype for your new product launch, online event campaigns and more.

Other Packages under Growviral Commercial Rights includes:


  • SEAMLESS SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: Integrate across Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest & Whatapp
  • UNIQUE URL TRACKING SYSTEM: Track every share with 100% precision. Your subscribers will always be credited with every referral they make.
  • AUTO-SELECT WINNERS AT RANDOM: Choose to automatically select a winner at random. Automate ‘Contest’ Winner selection & rewards.
  • AUTOMATICALLY REWARD SUBSCRIBERS WITH COUPON CODES: Local businesses and ecommerce stores love this feature. You can automatically reward your subscribers actions. Sending out a coupon code.


  • WELCOME EMAIL: Welcome your new subscriber and provide them with their ‘Share link’ directly within the first email you send to them after Opting in to your list.
  • REWARD UNLOCKED EMAIL: When your subscriber unlocks a reward from sharing your Grow Viral campaign. Automatically send out an reward unlocked email with download link or coupon.
  • CONGRATULATIONS EMAIL: When a subscriber successful refers a new subscriber or customer to you. They automatically receive a congratulations email with an encouraging message. This email can show how many more invites they need in order to unlock the next tier of reward.
  • EMBEDDED SOCIAL BUTTONS INSIDE EMAIL: Social Buttons are embedded directly into your emails. Subscribers can share with one click directly from the emails sent out by Grow Viral.


  • VISUAL ‘DRAG N DROP’ TEMPLATE EDITOR: Completely customize or build beautiful, lead generating ‘grow viral’ campaigns with our ‘Visual Editor’. Easy to use you can completely customize the look and feel of your campaigns in just minutes
  • FINAL RESULTS TALLY PAGE: When your contest has concluded Grow Viral automatically generates a ‘Final Results’ page. This showcases the results of your contest, who won and more.
  • SUPPORT FOR OVER 20 LANGUAGES: We support over 20 languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and more. Run campaigns for clients all around the world.
  • WORKS ON ALL DEVICES — MOBILE READY: Grow viral works on all devices. You can setup your campaigns on your mobile device, manage your campaigns. Your subscribers can see your campaigns from their mobile devices.
  • CUSTOM DOMAIN WITH SSL: Host our pages on your own custom domain. Each domain added to our system automatically generates an SSL which is included with it.


  • EMBED YOUR CAMPAIGNS INTO YOUR OWN WEBSITE PAGES: Effortlessly embed your campaigns into your own website or any external website of your choice.

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Within minutes from now you’ll have at your fingertips ‘founder access’ to an elite software created for Viral Growth Marketers. Ready to work hard for you that help to boost the amount of traffic, leads and sales you generate.

GrowViral Commercial Rights costs only $67 One Time Payment.

Well, there are many other packages out there but GrowViral Commercial right seems the best fit for the work.

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